What You Are Is OK is my final project at Bezalel Academy, guided by Ayal Zakin.​
I was struggling with trauma from an experience I went through during my studies at Bezalel - my boyfriend at the time went to prison.
Finally, my main thought about that period in my life was that the most difficult part of what I went through was the lack of knowledge I had about being in this position, not knowing how people normally cope with this situation, what is supposed to happen, what's normal and what's not.
​So I wanted to give women who go through something like this exactly that.
I interviewed 12 prisoners' wives, including myself, and recorganized the stories by subjects.
This was one of the hardest things I ever did.
After graduation I promoted my book on traditional and social media. I hope it helped even one woman who is going through this difficult experience.
Every woman of the 12 I interviewed has her own color, and our stories are told like a sort of conversation, although most of us have never met.
The book is divided to five parts, separated  by black paper.
Chapter 1: The Beginning
Chapter 2: Personal Coping
Chapter 3: Relationship and Family
Chapter 4: The Prison
Chapter 5: The emancipation

 There are 416 pages in total. Here are some samples:
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